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Plein Air Painting

What exactly is “plein air”?

Encyclopedia Britannica says this,

"in its strictest sense, the practice of painting landscape pictures out-of-door; more loosely, the achievement of an intense impression of the open air (French: plein air) in a landscape painting."

Click on any image to view it larger.

Blanca Vista
Fence Line Aspens
High Flying
Valley Gold
On the Breeze
View From the Water
2 Hours at 20 Degrees
Afternoon Watch
Bernies's Garden
Morning on the Crossroads
Rio Grande July
Rio Trailhead
Yesterday's Hardware
Carol's Chickens
Fall Reflections
Canyon Fireworks
In the Key of Fall
San Francisco Creek
Winter Road
The Grill
Morning at Sprague Lake
Indian Summer
Rio Grande August
Mountain August
Sublime Cheyenne
Crestone Morning
Twilight Grazers   9 x 12
Waiting  11 x 14
Zapata Runoff
Monday in Taos
East Willow Creek
Tree Time
In the Field
Zapata Gold
Raking Light
Spring Thaw
Sangre Moonrise
Christmas Eve
Chimayo Sanctuario
7 Mile Plaza   12 x 16
Happy Ending
Ladies in Waiting
This is the Day
Tuesday Morning Pick-up
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